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River Cottage Veg Every Day! (River Cottage Every Day)

Recent Reviews

Cannellini bean and leek soup with chilli oil reviewed by Kestrel

26th March 2022

This makes a tasty and nutritious soup, and it’s easy to put together. I used small red beans instead of the cannellini beans (soaked overnight in lightly salted water, then added to soup and simmered 40 minutes). I made my own chilli oil and also added...
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Asian inspired coleslaw reviewed by Kestrel

25th March 2022

Really good simple coleslaw. I used red cabbage and more cilantro in addition to the carrots. I also added some black rice vinegar to the dressing and scattered some seeds on top. Peanuts would be a nice addition. Keeps well in the fridge, I will definitely...
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chickpea ketchup curry reviewed by Emma 22

10th August 2013

Pretty good! Not hugely authentic tasting, but still tasty, very easy and quick - which makes up for a lot!
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Vegetable Biryani reviewed by Emma 22

10th August 2013

Really, really good. One of the most involved looking recipes in the book, but most of this is pretty straight-forward and easy. Delicious and froze well.
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