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River Cottage Veg Every Day! (River Cottage Every Day)

Recent Reviews

chickpea ketchup curry reviewed by Emma 22

10th August 2013

Pretty good! Not hugely authentic tasting, but still tasty, very easy and quick - which makes up for a lot!
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Vegetable Biryani reviewed by Emma 22

10th August 2013

Really, really good. One of the most involved looking recipes in the book, but most of this is pretty straight-forward and easy. Delicious and froze well.
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Mushroom Ragout with Soft Polenta reviewed by Sovay

28th May 2013

Great combination of intense mushrooms with mild creamy polenta (and it turns out that the reason I've burnt so much polenta over the years is simply that I haven't been adding enough water). Having recoiled in horror at the price of wild mushrooms I...
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Mushroom risoniotto reviewed by bunyip

16th May 2013

Uses orzo or risoni, that tiny rice-shaped pasta, and does indeed result in something very like risotto. It lacked the creaminess of true risotto, but was very tasty. With risotto you've got to get the hang of knowing when the rice is done - with this...
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