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A Girl and Her Pig: Recipes and Stories

Recent Reviews

Lemon Caper Dressing reviewed by kateq

6th April 2016

This dressing is a knockout! It's a minimal amount of oil compared to the amount of mustard, lots of lemon supremes, some chopped capers and shallots. There's just a bit of salt and a touch of sugar. It emulsifies instantly (it is a lot of mustard). I...
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Green Pea and Ham Soup reviewed by kateq

23rd June 2013

I really love this soup--and I love the ham stock. I also love that there is enough ham stock left over to freeze and save for another batch of soup. I don't add the meat from the ham hock to the final soup--to me, that meat has already given its all...
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Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Juniper Berries reviewed by Queezle_Sister

1st April 2013

A motto in my family is that everything goes better with pancetta -- and this recipe was no exception. Its a lovely nuanced version of Brussels, and the final dash of lemon juice set them off perfectly. Have you ever seen kids fight over second helpings...
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Porridge reviewed by Queezle_Sister

8th March 2013

A modest twist on oatmeal, this recipe combines old-fashioned oats and steel cut. The cook is instructed to cook in a mix of whole milk and water. There is a generous addition of salt, and a bit of sugar. The author was aiming for a porridge that delivers...
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