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Recent Reviews

White Loaves reviewed by kateq

14th February 2017

This is excellent white bread. When I want perfect toast this is it. This is also wonderful for a classic French toast, or my newest craze, French toast muffins. This recipe also can be adapted to make cinnamon raisin bread--fabulous toast.
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Irish Soda Bread reviewed by kfranzetta

19th March 2013

This is a very basic, very simple recipe for Irish Soda Bread. Since the recipe states that the bread is best within the first few hours of baking, I cut the recipe in half to avoid ending up with hard leftovers. I used Cup4Cup gluten-free flour and added...
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Pecan Sticky Buns reviewed by kateq

15th August 2012

These are the best sticky buns there are. I make them at Christmas and made them today for Julia Child's 100th Birthday. I don't make them more often because they are insanely rich. They start with a very rich brioche dough to which is added considerably...
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Brioche Dough reviewed by kateq

15th August 2012

This is purported to be Julia's favorite recipe--it's certainly one of mine. The dough that results from this is rich and supple and beautiful and a pleasure to work with and, if you follow the instructions, foolproof. I've doubled it with no problems...
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