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Braises and Stews: Everyday Slow-Cooked Recipes

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Thai Fish and Corn Curry 1
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Sara's Persian Chicken reviewed by kaye16

26th October 2019

Half recipe with four thighs. Used all the spices, all the onion/garlic/ginger, 1/4cup lime juice with only 1tbl sucre de canne, half the chicken broth and apricots. Easy and pretty darn good.
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Thai Fish and Corn Curry reviewed by kaye16

26th July 2018

Thai? Well, maybe. Quite good, but maybe a bit more green curry paste would be nice, even maybe 1 tablespoon (instead of 1 teaspoon). I had about 3/4 of the fish (I used lieu noir—saithe I think in English) but made a full recipe as dinner for two....
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Sicilian Swordfish Stew reviewed by kaye16

6th June 2018

This would be a 5 if the recipe had been written a bit better. I had 385g swordfish, less that half of what was required. I used that to make more or less a whole recipe, which was a lovely meal for two, wanting only a bit of bread for soppy to complete...
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