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Slow Fire: The Beginner's Guide to Barbecue

Recent Reviews

Memphis-Style Wet Baby Back Ribs reviewed by jenncc

5th April 2021

Made this as directed and it was spicy/sweet, tender and delicious! I do think the amount of rub called for was a little too much - they were a tad salty, but the technique produced moist, almost fall off the bone ribs.
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Chicken on A Throne reviewed by jenncc

6th June 2016

Of course smoked chicken is delicious but I think the Superchicken Wing Rub (also from this book) makes it truly tasty.
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Thick and Rich Barbecue Sauce reviewed by jenncc

6th June 2016

This was a nice change from the Thin and Spicy Sauce I usually make from this book. Made it for chicken and it was great.
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Low and Slow Memphis-Style Pulled Pork reviewed by jenncc

22nd July 2014

Smoky, juicy, delicious! Made this again 2/6/21 and again fantastic - I can't recommend this enough! We made a little less than half a recipe (3.2 pounds pork) and subbed orange juice for the apple juice. Don't rush it, give it plenty of time and be...
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