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Comfort and Joy: Cooking for Two

Recent Reviews

A Small Batch of Corn Muffins reviewed by jenncc

1st August 2020

I added some blueberries and blue corn flour for a savory blueberry muffin. These have great flavor and are nice and moist.
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Strawberry Skillet Cobbler reviewed by jenncc

1st August 2020

Instead of strawberries I used peaches and berries, I also added a bit of sugar to the topping (biscuits) otherwise I stuck with the recipe and it was pretty delicious. I'm sure this would work equally well with almost any fruit.
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Soft and Chewy Gingersnaps reviewed by jenncc

28th August 2018

As promised - a dozen soft and chewy cookies with a great flavor. I used fresh ginger (about 3/4 of an inch worth) since I was out of the powdered stuff.
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A Half-Dozen Buttermilk Biscuits reviewed by jenncc

13th March 2017

These were simple, had a nice rise in the oven and tasted pretty good. I felt there may have been a tiny bit too much baking soda - I got a little taste of it with a couple bites. I did notice that unlike my usual buttermilk biscuit recipes, this called...
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