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Tex Mex Traditions, Innovations, and Comfort Foods From Both Sides of the Border

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Horchata Rice Pudding reviewed by jenncc

22nd October 2021

This was dreamy! Made with short grain rice and less milk than my usual recipe this comes together faster and has a great creamy texture. The sugar is divided and added at the beginning and another 1/4 cup at the end- I found it plenty sweet after the...
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Braised Beef Barbacoa reviewed by jenncc

6th October 2020

This is a really terrific dish! It's not like any other barbacoa I have had, but it is delicious with tender meat, warm spices and a hearty sauce. I strained out the solids as advised then threw them into the blender to make a chili paste to flavor...
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Chiles Rellenos reviewed by jenncc

2nd October 2020

This review is for the sauce only, as I stuff and bake my chilies (not fry), but still wanted a sauce. I really liked this sauce! It's different from my usual as it calls for sugar, more cumin and both fresh and canned tomatoes. This could be eaten...
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Flour Tortillas reviewed by jenncc

30th August 2020

These are terrific tortillas- flavor and texture are far superior to anything you can get at the grocery store (unless your lucky enough to live near an HEB). These tortillas "melt in your mouth, not in your hands" - they hold up to even the sloppiest...
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