Classic Indian Cooking
By Julie Sahni
William Morrow Cookbooks - 1980
ISBN: 0688037216

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Classic Indian Cooking

Recent Reviews

Indian Clarified Butter (Usli Ghee) reviewed by kateq

26th October 2013

Lovely clear instructions, including step-by-step illustrations.
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Fragrant Buttered Greens (Saag) reviewed by kateq

26th October 2013

Amazingly delicious! I made this with half ghee and half canola oil (a small attempt at making it less fattening) and all spinach and Yukon gold potatoes. It's excellent the second day, warmed over, so it is certainly worth the effort to make a big...
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Carrot Pudding with Cardamom and Pistachios (Gajar ki Kheer) reviewed by kaye16

22nd September 2012

Pretty darn good, and easy. A dessert that makes you feel virtuous, since you're eating your carrots. - I make half of this, and two of us eat it all (oink). This amount should serve 3 (maybe) or 4 (pretty skimpy). - I rarely use the rose water, since...
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Lamb in Fragrant Garlic Cream Sauce (Rogan Josh) reviewed by boomuh

11th October 2010

This is a great recipe, and has become one of the dishes that I try to always have on hand in the freezer (it freezes great!). Like a lot of the recipes in the book, it can be a bit time consuming to make, especially if you have to put the mughal garam...
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