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Ramatuelle Pasta Sauce reviewed by Queezle_Sister

29th August 2011

A somewhat thin sauce with a heavy garlic - but also a vibrant tomato basil flavor. This recipe calls fro 3 large garlic cloves, and it isn't cooked; next time I will add two small garlic cloves at the most. This sauce is pretty thin, so be careful...
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Baked Pasta with Cauliflower and Cheese reviewed by Queezle_Sister

29th September 2010

This recipe taught me that macaroni and cheese can be positively sublime. This recipe uses pasta shells, and a lot of cauliflower and tomatoes, and a bit of cheese, to make the most amazing dish ever. I have made this dish at least 10 times. I find...
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Creole Fish Stew reviewed by Cooksbakesbooks

9th February 2010

I made this with freshly-caught triggerfish and shrimp when I lived on the Gulf Coast (USA) and it was outstanding. It is full of great summer vegetables. As long as you do not over cook the fish and shrimp, this will be delicious.
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Fish à la Grecque reviewed by Cooksbakesbooks

9th February 2010

A great combination of flavors: feta, dill, tomato, pepper, parsley, lemon. Simple and delicious. Great on any white fish.
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