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The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: Over 300 Recipes to Use Year-Round

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Mango Plum Jam reviewed by kaye16

27th August 2020

Pretty good stuff. - Used a long cup of quetsches (purprple plums). My mango made another cup of fruit. - Didn't use pectin, but sugar for confitures. - Three cups seemed like a lot of sugar for this amount of fruit, so I used only two cups. It tastes...
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Blubard Jam reviewed by kaye16

16th August 2020

Good stuff. A shame that rhubarb and blueberries don't have the same season, so one or the other or both start out frozen.
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Plum Amaretto Jam reviewed by kaye16

16th August 2020

Tasty stuff. Took about 1#, maybe a bit more, of quetsches (purple plums) to make 3 cups. Our plums are mostly smaller than what you'd get in the store. I halved and pitted them for cooling. Used about 2-1/2 cups sugar (instead of 3 cups). Made about...
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