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The Italian Slow Cooker

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Beef Shanks with Red Wine and Tomatoes reviewed by kaye16

22nd January 2022

As recipes from this book go, this one was a flop. The meat never got "so tender that you can cut them with a spoon". No idea why. The sauce is pretty good. Might try to turn it into some kind of soup.
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Meat and Mushroom Ragu reviewed by kaye16

2nd December 2018

4.5? Really tasty. I used dried porcini and champignons de Paris, your regular sort of brown shroom. Imagine if there had been some really flavorful fresh shrooms! Used the food processor for all the chop-chop, of which there is a lot. Made all, which...
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Calamari Soup reviewed by kaye16

26th February 2018

4.5 even - This was DEElicious, a nice thick soup with squid rings, rice, potatoes, carrots, celery, and peas. My calamari were quite overdue to be used after too long in the freezer. No matter. - I had about 600g of squid, so made about a 2/3 recipe....
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Cauliflower with Prosciutto and Olives reviewed by kaye16

23rd February 2018

Maybe 4.5 - Serves 3 (or 4 possibly) as a main over pasta; the 6 servings indicated would be as a side. - The whole recipe was fine in a 3qt crockpot. - Be careful adding salt. I added a generous pinch at the beginning, because my (homemade) stock is...
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