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November 24th, 2023

Honey Whole Wheat Rolls from Sally's Baking Addiction

Mine were "Four Stars" but this recipe deserves 5! I made the mistake of not covering with foil halfway into the bake (as is recommended in the recipe) and they got too brown. Still delicious, just... read more >

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Baking for Two: The Small-Batch Baking Cookbook for Sweet and Savory Treats

By Tracy Yabiku
Rockridge Press - 2016

2nd July 2020 (edited: 25th December 2022)

Basic Roll Dough Cinnamon Rolls : page 39

These make an excellent small batch of cinnamon rolls! I actually made 6 smaller rolls (rather than 4) but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Baked 14 minutes.

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10th July 2018

Chocolate Chip Cookies : page 92

Good basic cookie recipe. I skimped on the chocolate chips a little (it seemed like a lot). Allowing to rest in the fridge for 2 hours made for a nice chewy cookie with crisp edges.

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This is a keeper - great chocolate flavor without being too intense or rich. I made this in a 4 inch springform pan and baked about 21-22 minutes.

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15th February 2017 (edited: 16th February 2019)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes : page 66

These were tasty - rich peanut butter flavor - but the chocolate chips didn't melt into the promised "molten chocolate" center. Surprise - Peanut Butter Chocolate chips Cupcakes it is then! This didn't deter anyone from gobbling them up with a strong cup of coffee. The frosting was delicious and easy to work with even though I did use Crazy Richard's Natural peanut butter. The author warns against using natural p.b. but that was all I had and it was perfect for both the cake and the frosting.
Next time I will use chopped chocolate chips over a half filled muffin cup and top with the remaining batter in hopes of a gooey chocolate center.

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21st January 2019 (edited: 21st January 2019)

Spiced Banana Bread with Walnut Streusel : page 34

Love this banana bread! I was generous with the spices and the banana (closer to 2/3 cup) and it was moist and flavorful. The walnut streusel is a great addition as the bread itself is not too sweet. Baked about 28-30 minutes (more banana may account for the slightly longer bake time).

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29th June 2020

Strawberry Buttercream Layer Cake : page 76

This was moist and tender and while I used my own frosting, this cake could be paired with almost any flavor/type of topping.

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