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October 20th, 2021

Salmon with Onion Confit, Spanish Style from Soups

This was a big hit. The presentation is lovely. The taste is very lovely. It's easier to make than it first appears. Put the salmon to marinate. Start the onions cooking. When that's done, sear the salmon,... read more >

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100 Essential Curries. Madhur Jaffrey (My Kitchen)

By Madhur Jaffrey
Ebury - 2011

21st November 2012

Diced Potatoes with Spinach : page 140

Very good and easy to make.

There are some errors in the recipe, but nothing too major.
- Dice the potatoes into 2cm (1/4in) cubes ... probably should be 3/4in. The picture clarifies.
- My 2cm-ish cubes took much more than 6 minutes to cook. Maybe 10 or so.

I made a half recipe as a large side dish for two.

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21st November 2012

Mushroom Curry : page 136

This recipe appears in Quick & Easy Indian Cooking. My review is here.

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15th March 2014

Pork in a Mustard Spice Mix : page 99

I forgot to start this early to allow time for 60min simmering. Oops. But I remembered that in Quick and Easy Indian Cooking, Jaffrey gives the option of simmering a dish for 60min or pressure cooking it for 20min (with less liquid). So I did that instead. Resulting in very tender pork in a yummy sauce.
I bought some organic tomatoes that turned out to be tasteless, so I'm sure this would be even better with proper tomatoes.

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