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January 1st, 2021

Moroccan Mechoui from Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking: Traditional and Modern Recipes to Savor and Share

Easy and delicious. The meat was falling off the bone. My shoulder was smaller than asked and I probably should have cooked it slightly less. read more >

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Ainsley Harriott's Meals in Minutes

By Ainsley Harriott
BBC Books - 1998

5th April 2020

Cod Kebabs with Aztec Salsa : page 82

This was good, but nothing special. The zucchini slices did not get done in the time the fish cooked. Tagliatelle might not be the best base for this. Maybe polenta? That's more Aztec anyhow.

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19th October 2020

Pasta Cream Bean Dream : page 148

A really nice fast dinner. We love what the Brits call runner beans, and the French call haricots coco plat, and we learned to eat as snijbonen in the Netherlands.
I used full-fat crème fraîche. And four rashers of bacon, since that leave four for breakfast. And whole wheat spaghetti. We liked.

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5th July 2020

Simple Smokin' Paella : page 81

Half recipe as dinner for two. Quite nice. I see now that I forgot the peas; that would have been even better. Used smoked paprika instead of plain. Good stuff.

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