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Herbed Wide Noodles from Braises and Stews: Everyday Slow-Cooked Recipes

Easy way to dress up noodles as a side. - Chop up a pile of herbs: lots of parsley, some basil, chives, and maybe something else to match your main dish. - Toss the drained noodles with equal amounts... read more >

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Antonio Carluccio's Vegetables

By Antonio Carluccio
Headline Book Publishing - 2002

Very tasty for an amazingly simple concoction. Boil (separately) and cool some broc bits and some zucchini batons. Toss with a vinaigrette of equal amounts of olive oil and lemon juice, minced garlic, S&P. Good stuff.

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First of all the sprouts are boiled; there are better was to cook them.
Then they are covered with a (tasty) bechamel, well, not covered, but drowned. Half the sauce would have been more than enough.
Not having access to dolcelatte cheese, I used St Agur, which was a recommended substitute somewhere.
Carluccio says the brussels sprouts are not really Italian; this treatment also doesn't seem very Italian.
Edible but nothing to do again.

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