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September 14th, 2021

Oven-Roasted Ratatouille from The Wall Street Journal

A shortcut, really easy ratatouille with quite good flavor which is even better the next day. One pan to clean is also a plus. Not as rich and unctuous as the real thing but if the produce is really... read more >

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Amy's Bread, Revised and Updated: Artisan-style breads, sandwiches, pizzas, and more from New York City's favorite bakery

By Amy Scherber, Toy Kim Dupree, Aimee Herring
Wiley - 2010

6th July 2012

Fragrant Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls : page 117

These are excellent rolls. This recipe is very flexible--I have made this with various seeds and soakers and always been extremely pleased with the results. I do use instant yeast, which eliminates the need to feed and and proof in the first step. You can also freeze these rolls and then warm them, wrapped in foil, after thawing.

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6th July 2012

Fresh Rosemary Bread with Olive Oil : page 167

This is a good bread, though do NOT use as much salt as is listed--one tablespoon is plenty--and this from a salt lover. As with other breads, I have done all the initial kneading in my stand mixer and had lovely results. Also I use instant yeast which shortens/simplifies the first step. I use King Arthur flour -- if you use a softer flour, you might want to think about using bread flour.

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6th July 2012

Golden Italian Semolina Loaves : page 191

I LOVE this bread. And it's so simple--no preferment, it's ready in a couple of hours. It keeps--either wrapped for a day or a two or well wrapped in the freezer. It slices beautifully; it's good toasted, in sandwiches, with honey or jam, along side a salad or a bowl of soup. I find my semolina flour in an Italian deli/grocery or in the ethnic aisle (Middle Eastern section) of a supermarket.

It's fun to play with the seeds--natural and/or black sesame seeds to make it pretty.

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