Bistro Cooking
By Patricia Wells
Workman Publishing Company - 1989
ISBN: 0894806238

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Bistro Cooking
By Patricia Wells, Judy Kleiber Jones
Workman Pub Co - 1989
ISBN: 089480622X

Bistro Cooking

Double Celery Soup

Page 31

Cuisine: French | Course Type: Soups and Stews

(2 reviews)

Tags: soups celery blogged

Recipe Reviews

15th March 2010

aj12754 from Montclair, NJ

This soup really was something of a revelation as another member has noted -- I am so glad a review for this recipe was posted because I doubt it would have occurred to me to try this soup ... and it would have been my loss. I have had mixed results with this cookbook in the past but this was a very delicious surprise.

Wells says to serve this immediately (takes about 15 to prep and 30 to cook) but I cooked it a bit longer than she calls for and then let it sit for a few hours at room temp while I ran errands. I tasted the soup both right off heat and warmed a few hours later and I thought the flavor improved over that time. The broth is really terrific -- so much so that I am tempted to strain out the veggies and just heat up the broth. I think the broth alone would make a very nice and unexpected first course soup. Or a light lunch served with a cheese toast?

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11th March 2010

sturlington from Hillsborough, NC

Absolutely a revelation. This recipe will make you love celery and celery root.

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