Bistro Cooking
By Patricia Wells
Workman Publishing Company - 1989
ISBN: 0894806238

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Bistro Cooking

Recent Reviews

Layered Vegetable Gratin reviewed by sturlington

7th September 2012

Easy, summery, absolutely delicious. I added some Parmesan and broiled during the last 5 minutes to put a little "gratin" in my gratin. This also tastes good as a cold salad the next day.
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Creme Fraiche reviewed by sturlington

29th August 2012

I never know what to do when a recipe calls for creme fraiche. It seems like an exotic ingredient, but really it is just heavy cream and buttermilk. This recipe provides a simple method for making your own. It must be made a day ahead, but it does keep...
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Chardenoux's Salmon Cooked with Its Skin reviewed by sturlington

29th August 2012

I have made this a few times, but I am not as enamored with it as I think I should be. Probably I like a more complex preparation for salmon. It tastes fine, though, and it is a quick and easy way to prepare salmon fillets.
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La Mere Besson's Mixed Summer Salad reviewed by sturlington

29th August 2012

A variation on the ever-popular "breakfast" or Lyonnaise salad. This has tomatoes, which is why it's a summer salad. I'm sure you could add bacon if you liked.
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