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Bistro Cooking

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Smoked Potatoes reviewed by kaye16

5th November 2020

An interesting way to prepare baked potatoes. Mine took more than one hour to cook, maybe because I used my toaster over and the dish took most of the space. An extra 20min got them done. I used slices of smoked bacon, rather than a thick slice of smoked...
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Saumon a l'Unilateral Chardenoux (Chardenoux's Salmon Cooked in Its Skin) reviewed by kaye16

5th November 2020

Good stuff, and easy. I set the time for 6 minutes. With about 1:30 left it was looking awfully raw still, so I plopped a lid on. At 6min I thought it might have been too done, but the thick part of the fillets was perfect.
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Thon à L'Ail Arrantzaleak reviewed by kaye16

16th March 2016

Really good. The garlic sauce for the broiled tuna sounded doubtful -- lots of garlic, sautéed, then mixed with red wine vinegar -- but it was perfect.
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