Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cook Book
By Yan-Kit So
Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd - 1987
ISBN: 0863182593

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Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cook Book

Stir-fried Fillet of Beef with Mango (芒果牛肉, mángguǒ niú​ròu​)

Page 207

Cuisine: Chinese | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: beef mango meat with fruit chinese chinese cooking

Recipe Reviews

26th August 2012

friederike from Berlin,

I wasn't really impressed. The ingredients didn't really come together as a dish (yes, this statement keeps lingering around, even though we haven't seen a Master Chef episode in ages). I could imagine that it would help to cut both the mango and the spring onion into smaller pieces. It also didn't help that the beef has turned slightly dry - we'll cook it shorter when we give it another try tomorrow.

Funny enough, it reminded me very much of the Black Pepper Chicken Thighs With Mango, Rum and Cashews we made a while ago.

We served this with Chicken-flavoured Bok Choi, which was equally unimpressing.

My guess is that the Chinese characters for the title of this dish have been turned around. I don't speak (or read) any Chinese language, though I have rudimentary knowledge of Mandarin and Cantonese, and I get by looking up characters in the dictionary. According to the dictionary, the title of this dish is simply 'Mango Beef'. However, mango is given as 'guǒ-máng' although, according to the dictionary, the proper sequence should have been 'máng-guǒ'...

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