Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cook Book
By Yan-Kit So
Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd - 1987
ISBN: 0863182593

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Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cook Book

Recent Reviews

Spiced-Salt Prawns (椒塩蝦, jiāoyánxiā) reviewed by friederike

24th April 2013

Not impressed. It was quite salty (obviously), but didn't contain enough spices to make it interesting. Also, I would have expected it to be crunchy (probably because of the salt-and-spice association), but that wasn't the case.
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Fish in a Wine Sauce (酒溜魚片, jiǔ liū yúpiàn) reviewed by friederike

21st October 2012

So-so. It tasted of salt and little else. And yet, I could see it working if you reduce the amount of salt and serve it as part of a larger buffet with several aromatic dishes to which this dish will serve as a contrast. Fun facts: I was a little stumped...
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Willow Chicken in Black Bean Sauce (豉椒雞柳, chǐ jiāo jī liǔ) reviewed by friederike

15th October 2012

Very delicious, though on the salty side of things. I'm afraid there's little you can do as it's mainly the black beans that are so salty, but try to cut salt wherever you can, eg. omit the salt in the marinade, use water instead of stock in the sauce,...
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Hot Chili Oil (辣油, là yòu) reviewed by friederike

21st September 2012

Very easy to make, and very hot. Very cool! We made this to make Braised Fish Hunan-Szechwan Style and it was great!
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