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Tender: Volume II, A cook's guide to the fruit garden
By Nigel Slater
Fourth Estate - 2010
ISBN: 0007325215

Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch
By Nigel Slater
Ten Speed Press - 2011
ISBN: 1607740370

By Nigel Slater
Fourth Estate - 2011
ISBN: 0007447892

Tender: v. 1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch

A Simple Stew of Onions, Beer and Beef

Page 354

| Course Type: Soups and Stews

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Tags: easy braise beef beer cooking with alcohol cranberry sauce basics cranberries classic braised beef FIFA 2014

Recipe Reviews

16th October 2010

friederike from Berlin,

Quite nice. We chose this recipe as it was quick to prepare and we could let it simmer while painting our bedroom - by the time we had finished painting, it was the perfect meal you would want to eat after a day of hard work. I'm not a big fan of beer, but after hours of braising you couldn't taste any anyway.

In my opinion, though, the apple sauce was quite superfluous. It was too much - I had used only three (albeit large) apples instead of the 5-6 required, and ended up with lots of apple sauce after I had finished my meal - with a scoop of ice cream it would have made it the perfect two-in-one dish!. And to be honest, I just preferred a dollop of cranberry sauce with the stew.

As accompaniment I would suggest something crunchy, as the meat is already extremely soft. Think rosemary roasted potatoes, think a gratin (think Potato Pear Gratin, another reason to omit the apple sauce!), and perhaps a salad to go with it to add a light component too.

Edited 7 January 2014:
This has become one of our standard dishes. It's really easy to make, and very delicious! You can also adapt it easily by using other herbs (or even spices), or adding other ingredients (ie. apple slices or raisins).

We used trappist beer until now and never had any issues, but today it somehow smelled strange and tasted bitter. Either the beer changed (though highly unlikely) or it is something we just never noticed before. In any case, you can just as well use other types of beer - Guinness would be particularly suitable, as would be cider.

We made Rösti today to go with it, which was a really nice combination, the Rösti was crunchy, and just as rustic as the stew.

Edited 6 July 2014:
We made this using a Belgian brown beer (Leffe bruin), and it was very nice, and no bitter flavours at all. Very nice! Also decided to upgrade this dish from 4 to 5 stars, because we've made it so often.

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