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Stews (Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library)

Recent Reviews

Paprika Veal Stew with Dumplings reviewed by kaye16

28th February 2019

Having 2/3 of the meat, I made a 2/3 recipe. Only wanted to open one can (16-oz-ish), so made up the difference with chicken stock. The steamed dumplings were weird. Can't imagine why they were asked for. It would have been perfectly find to cook the...
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Chicken Curry reviewed by kaye16

19th February 2019

Not bad, easy, not very spicy. I made a half recipe with turkey oysters instead of kip filets (skinless, boneless chicken breast halves). Since I have to seed tomatoes, there was no liquid to speak of, so I added the end of a can of seedless tomato pulp,...
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Scallops and Broccoli reviewed by kaye16

10th February 2019

Not bad. I made a half recipe using a bit less of the carrots (real ones in spears, not "baby") and lots of ground pepper at table.
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Greek Meatball Stew with Brussels Sprouts reviewed by kaye16

5th February 2019

Amazingly good combination. Nothing spicy here, but overall very tasty. I made a half recipe. A bit time-consuming to make, especially because I had to grind (thank you, food processor) my own lamb. But worth the result. I suppose it would be ok to...
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