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The Cook's Book: Techniques and Tips from the World's Master Chefs

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Celeriac Mash reviewed by friederike

22nd November 2013

Meh. The mash was watery, and not at all creamy. We added some crème fraîche, which helped a bit but not enough. Next time I would do a combined celeriac and potato mash as in this recipe. Also you're supposed to add a whole teaspoon freshly grated...
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Aïoli reviewed by friederike

15th March 2013

A lot better than our last attempt at Aïoli. I'm not quite sure why; it's probably just a detail we overlooked, such as too cold eggs, or not whisking quick enough in relation to how quick we add the oil - that topic is really covered well in this book....
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Lychee and Rose Sorbet reviewed by friederike

30th December 2012

A very nice sorbet! In the beginning, I was afraid that the rose water would be too dominant as my first association was marzipan, but that turned out not to be a problem. I also wondered if the texture would be good enough - we previously made a Lychee...
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Cock a Leekie reviewed by friederike

19th November 2012

It's probably just the way it's supposed to be, but for us, it was too sweet, and that didn't change no matter how much salt you added. The problem is that not only the prunes are sweet, the leek is sweet as well. It doesn't help either that both chicken...
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