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Valentina's 4 Seasons Cookbook

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Cod fillets in anchovy butter (filetti di merluzzo al burro d'acciughe) reviewed by wester

22nd May 2013

Excellent. The anchovy butter is robust but not too overpowering. I cut the white fish into small pieces and mixed it with the anchovy butter, and served the mixture with squid ink pasta. Very tasty, and it looked good too.
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parsley salad (insalate di prezzemolo) reviewed by wester

4th February 2013

While tasty, this was not as refreshing as some other herb salads I've tried. I'm not sure the egg is needed in here either.
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pork with leeks (maiale ai porri) reviewed by wester

3rd November 2012

Simple and good. I did find it difficult to brown the meat with all those leeks in the pan though.
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