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The Bread Bible

Recent Reviews

Sticky Caramel Buns reviewed by kcookie

7th March 2013

Delicious buns, the dough takes a few hours to rise and proof but well worth it. The caramel is fantastic on its own. Will make again.
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Sweet Potato Loaf reviewed by Zosia

14th August 2012

This bread is so delicious, I actually cook sweet potatoes just to make it. It’s light and airy but has a tight, though soft, crumb that makes it perfect for sandwiches. It doesn’t taste like the tuber, but it is slightly sweet and it gets its pretty...
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Golden Semolina Torpedo (Altamura) reviewed by Zosia

11th April 2012

This is a delicious bread with a lovely golden colour, a bouncy/chewy crumb and a crisp crust. It’s also one of the oddest breads I’ve ever made. It’s a lean dough, made entirely of durum semolina flour with water, yeast and salt. The author recommends...
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Traditional Challah reviewed by Zosia

31st March 2012

This is a gorgeous bread, both in flavour and texture: it’s light and airy with the perfect level of sweetness for my family’s tastes. The bread is enriched with eggs, oil and honey and takes a fair bit of time to make, but most of it is waiting...
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