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The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook: Sweetness in Seattle

Recent Reviews

Silk Chocolate Cream Pie with Pecan Crust reviewed by Zosia

14th March 2014

This is a showstopper of a pie with rather sophisticated flavours - intense chocolate filling with salty, crunchy crust. Can't say I cared much for the crust on its own but it was a great foil, both texturally and in its savouriness, to the silky filling...
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Rustic Olive Oil Cake with Honey Syrup reviewed by Zosia

7th September 2013

Easy enough to mix together with a whisk, but with a very long baking time, this cake was a disappointment. It was far too sweet so I didn’t bother making the honey syrup, and I didn’t care for the texture which was fine-crumbed, very dense, and...
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Peak-Of-The-Season Crisp with Brown Sugar Oats reviewed by Zosia

28th August 2013

Good, basic recipe for a fruit crisp that calls for simple ingredients and is very quick to put together. The topping deserves an extra star since it was very crisp and remained that way even in hot, humid weather, but there was just too much of it for...
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Fresh Corn Cornbread with Cornmeal Crumble reviewed by Zosia

21st May 2013

Cornmeal cake might be a more apt description for this sweet, rich quick bread. With its crunchy lemon-thyme topping, it made a nice treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee. I used quick cook polenta in the cake itself so the crumb was not too gritty, and...
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