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Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Mac Daddy reviewed by vanessaveg

29th June 2015

This is good, it's a little time consuming. I made this with gluten free elbow pasta so a friend could eat it, which unfortunately gave it a weird aftertaste. Apparently it's hard to make gluten free mac that doesn't look disgusting and taste weird. Not...
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Chile Cornmeal-Crusted Tofu reviewed by jenncc

8th February 2015

Good stuff! Reminds me of a fish stick. I think I will play with the spices a bit and try baking them next time.
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A Hummus Recipe reviewed by BethNH

25th November 2014

I used canned beans and my food processor and got a nice creamy hummus.
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Red Lentil-Cauliflower Curry reviewed by owlie

20th March 2013

One of my favorite recipes of all time, and my favorite recipe so far in this cookbook. I use more of all of the spices except the cinnamon. Sometimes I forget the shallots and use an extra half onion, and I always sub carrots for the parsnips because...
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