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Breakfast Book

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Raw apple muffins 1
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Recent Reviews

Raw apple muffins reviewed by Kestrel

21st November 2022

These muffins are amazing. I use crab apple/apple fruits that I get from my friend’s tree in these. Don’t be put off by the “raw” in the title, since the apples cook by the time the muffins are done. With the nuts, raisins, and spices, these muffins...
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Cream Biscuits reviewed by innocentfront

20th July 2015

Great basic biscuits, easy and quick, soft inside and crisp on the outside.
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Plain pancakes reviewed by lemonadesandwich

31st December 2011

I've had lots of good recipes from this cookbook, but this basic pancake recipe is not one. They always come out flat. Try Joy of Cooking instead.
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Potato Bacon Pie reviewed by lemonadesandwich

31st December 2011

A great use for leftover mashed potatoes. Add bacon, bake and you have a great breakfast side!
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