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The Zuni Cafe Cookbook: A Compendium of Recipes and Cooking Lessons from San Francisco's Beloved Restaurant

Recent Reviews

Brouillade aux Orties reviewed by wester

8th August 2013

Simple, vegetarian, cheap, and tasty. Just not as brilliant as some other recipes from this book.
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Onion Soup with Tomato & a Poached Egg reviewed by wester

14th May 2012

A good, tasty, robust soup, but not as brilliant as I had hoped. Still, it is nice to find an onion soup without cheese. I did use the duck fat.
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Zuni Roast Chicken reviewed by jenncc

22nd February 2012

This recipe makes for a moist, tender, juicy chicken. I did have a little trouble with the flipping of the chicken - it did stick even though it was thoroughly dry and my pan was hot when I put it in. No matter, it was tasty and I will be making it...
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Chicken Bouillabaisse reviewed by wester

25th June 2011

I found this disappointing. It was quite good, but not much more than that - a sunny Mediterranean soup/stew. The recipe didn't tell what to do with the clove of garlic to be used if not using the aïoli. I rubbed it against the bread, which was exactly...
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