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The Greens Cookbook

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Moroccan Carrot Salad reviewed by Queezle_Sister

12th January 2012

A beautiful salad - long strands of carrot are produced by your vegetable peeler. And it is dressed with a simple lemon juice, olive oil, sugar, salt and orange blossom water dressing. Then refrigerated for an hour. I pretty much stuck to the recipe,...
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Cucumber-Feta Salad with Red Onion and Mint reviewed by Queezle_Sister

22nd April 2011

Crunchy, with nice flavor from the rice vinegar and red onion. My garden donated both chives and fresh mint, although I had trouble tasting the mint (use more next time!). I decided to skip the feta, but I can tell you that with it, the salad would...
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Warm Red Cabbage Salad reviewed by Queezle_Sister

11th April 2011

I really like the combination of ingredients here - red cabbage, red onion, apple, and goat cheese. It also calls for walnuts, but we substituted hazel nuts. The onion, garlic, and cabbage is to be briefly saut├ęd, suggested time 3 minutes, or until...
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Grilled Tofu Sandwich reviewed by Queezle_Sister

1st March 2011

The marinated tofu was OK, not great, on its own, but in a sandwich is was much better. We prepared our sandwich with vegganaise (Bittman), romaine lettuce. red onion, and tomato. I enjoyed it, but it was only tolerated by the family at large.
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