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The Complete Asian Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Trung Chien Voi Cua (Crab Omelette) reviewed by kaye16

9th January 2017

Serves 2, I think, an omelette with 4 eggs. Oops, I thought there was a can of crab in the pantry, but there wasn't, so I used a can of (water-packed) tuna instead. Nevertheless, this was quite a nice omelette. Well worth trying again when I get the...
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Sabzi Pilau (Rice with Vegetables) reviewed by Queezle_Sister

29th December 2015

I am not a huge rice fan. Lets just get that out there. And I did not follow the instructions to use long-grain, as I had plenty of short-grain rice on hard. But this was so easy and delicious! You sautee onions, garlic, add the rice, and then water....
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Sayur Masak Lemak reviewed by Sovay

11th November 2013

Simple but good. I didn't have the blachan so substituted a dash of Thai fish sauce.
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Semur Ati reviewed by Sovay

11th November 2013

Great flavour, but not for the first time it raised the question of what other people mean by "very thinly sliced liver". My idea of very thinly sliced liver cooks in 60 seconds or less, rather than the 8 or 9 minutes indicated in this recipe. As this...
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