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Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure

Recent Reviews

Risotto with Winter Squash reviewed by kaye16

2nd March 2019

Pretty good. A quick risotto with little effort. I used chicken stock topped up with water for the liquid because I had some to use up. A full recipe might serve 3; 4 would be very skimpy.
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Cauliflower-Potato Curry reviewed by friederike

30th July 2017

Actually 3.5 stars - 4 from DH, 3 from me. It tasted fine, but I thought it was a little bland texture-wise, it all seemed to be one big mush (it wasn't mushy, but I would have preferred the cauliflower florets to retain some bite, for example). Maybe...
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Risotto with Porcini reviewed by kaye16

6th January 2017

A very nice risotto. And fast because of the pressure cooker. The first bit of the cooking is the same as a regular risotto, but once you've added the rice and oiled it down, you just add all the liquid, close the pot, and let it cook. That part is done...
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Curried Split Pea Soup reviewed by kaye16

26th April 2015

I made the straight-off soup for today's dinner. - Also made Coconut Rice, as suggested, but didn't make the pressure cooker version in the book, just the ingredients cooked as usual. - Let the pressure cooker cool naturally while the rice finished cooking...
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