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August 7th, 2020

ChocolateZucchini Cake from The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

This cake is simple to make and uses cocoa powder which are both pluses. The resulting cake is very moist and dense, almost brownie-like in texture. I substituted Greek yogurt for half the oil But otherwise... read more >

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River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes

By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Appetite by Random House - 2013

2nd February 2018

Beet hummus : page 300

A great way to eat beets. I make a selection of different hummus of various colours to have with homemade crackers. This one freezes well. If you don't like cumin, reduce the amount by half.

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2nd February 2018

Kale speltotto with goat cheese : page 280

I made an adaptation of this with carrots and spinach substituted for the leeks and kale, and I also used my own chicken stock. The result was a very good speltotto although the texture is different from a traditional risotto. Very easy to make and I'll definitely make again.

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6th February 2018

Roasted potatoes and eggplant : page 351

This is a very simple recipe and is very tasty. I kept the garlic whole and kept an eye on it as the veggies roasted, since others have commented that it can burn. I used my preserved salted herbs on this after roasting which added a nice herby flavour.

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