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Recent Reviews

Falafel reviewed by jenncc from Sep/Oct, 2018

15th August 2018

This is, as the article title claims, indeed a "Really Good Falafel". It is made with all the usual ingredients - soaked chickpeas, parsley, cilantro, garlic and spices. This recipe however calls for a flour paste that you whip up in the microwave which...
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Pita Bread reviewed by jenncc from Sep/Oct, 2018

9th August 2018

Let me start by saying this recipe earned the full four stars for flavor due to its overnight rest, addition of honey and good dose of olive oil. However, my dough was very wet. I am used to high hydration doughs in loaf recipes but this was the stickiest...
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Better Than A-1 Marinade reviewed by BethNH from JuneSummer Entertaining, 2011

6th July 2013

A very nice marinade make from common pantry items. This was a nice change of pace from the usual marinade we use. This was a hefty amount for three pounds of steak tips. We'd definitely use this again during the summer grilling season.
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Best Drop Biscuits reviewed by Milk_Maid from Nov/Dec, 2007

16th January 2012

I return to this recipe over and over as the results are always terrific, and it couldn't be easier. The warm butter/cold buttermilk method results in a tender biscuit with a wonderfully buttery taste. I usually halve the recipe, which makes 6 generously-sized...
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