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Plenty: Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi

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Surprise Tatin reviewed by Kestrel

11th February 2018

Like the other reviewers, I found this to be really good. It's very easy to make. I used a combo of potatoes and eggplant in mine along with the tomatoes, onions and cheese. I had to reduce the amount of cheese substantially since about 30 g was all I...
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Sweet Corn Polenta reviewed by jenncc

27th August 2015

This is creamy comfort food at it's best! The sauce is simple but delicious, however next time I will definitely cut the oil used to fry the eggplant. It calls for 2/3 cup veg oil, I reduced it to 1/3 cup and that was still too much. The corn is removed...
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Socca reviewed by jenncc

1st July 2015

O.k. so maybe I over whipped my egg white because I ended up with a fluffy pancake! Tasty but not at all like my usual socca and no resemblance to the picture included in the book. I really loved the caramelized onion and roasted tomatoes and was happy...
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The Ultimate Winter Couscous reviewed by kfranzetta

2nd November 2014

This is a very hearty vegetable tagine. I cooked the vegetables for the full 45 minutes and they still didn't seem fully done, so I covered the baking dish and let them cook an additional ten minutes. The preserved lemon and harissa add a good deal of...
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