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The 1997 Joy of Cooking

Recent Reviews

Grated Butternut Squash Gratin reviewed by jenncc

17th September 2013

This is a super simple heart side dish. Ok. grating is a bit of a pain, but not any worse than peeling squash - that's the real battle (imo). I used a Red Leicester cheese and added a dash of cayenne pepper. It was delicious.
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Tacos Filled with Ground Beef, Turkey, or Chicken reviewed by denise

8th April 2013

Best classic ground-beef american style taco filling, for those of us who don't want to use the preservative and junk filled taco spice packet. Do not skip the anise seeds, as I think they are the secret to the flavor - use fennel seeds if you don't have...
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Ground Beef w/Poatoes & Spices (Keema Alu) reviewed by aj12754

25th October 2012

Easy ... but pretty bland even for spice wimps like us.
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Fastest Whole Wheat Bread reviewed by aj12754

17th November 2011

This recipe saved me -- a non-baker as noted before on this site -- a trip to the grocery store on a rainy dreary day when I had everything to make mushroom toast but the bread. It truly was very fast and made a fine-textured sandwich loaf that toasted...
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