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Screamingly Good Food: Fresh Feasts and Seasonal Meals to Knock Your Socks Off

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Seafood and Pork Mu Shu with Hoisin Sauce and Napa Cabbage Wrap reviewed by kaye16

17th July 2020

Pretty good stuff. I ended up making a whole recipe, with 2 instead of 4 eggs, and the two of us ate it all. There was rice to eat the drippings and the end of the platter with.
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Orzo with Lemon and Herbs reviewed by kaye16

23rd March 2017

Pretty good, and fairly similar to what I usually do with orzo. I liked the addition of mint to the chopped herbs (parsley and thyme) and lemon zest&juice. The business with the chicken stock, butter, and olive oil was too much, making the orzo way...
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Garlicky Chicken with Feta and Oregano reviewed by kaye16

23rd March 2017

Pretty good stuff. Chicken breasts (skinless, boneless) marinated with yogurt, green onion, parsley, garlic, oregano, and S&P. I flattened the breasts a bit. A more serious flattening should be done to insure that the breasts cook in the advertised...
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Corn and Basmati Rice Pilaf reviewed by kaye16

3rd April 2015

Decent way to do rice. I made a half recipe with all the spices, and used a small can of corn (unsugared) that I would use as a side for two if I were doing that. Still 1/2cup rice as a side for two is a *lot*. Would have served 4 as a small side.
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