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Jam-Bellied Bran Scones reviewed by southerncooker

1st April 2018

I couldn't find wheat bran but wheat germ is available in all our local supermarkets. I did a Google search and found they are interchangeable in recipes. I also learned the bran is the husk and the germ is the kernel. The bran has more health benefits....
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Beef Skirt Steak Salad with Blue Cheese and Parsley Basil Vinaigrette reviewed by southerncooker

30th March 2018

Delicious. I couldn't find skirt steak so I used sirloin. I thought I had a red onion but didn't so I used a sweet one. Son, daughter and I loved but hubby didn't care that much for it. Son-in-law ate his steak with mashed potatoes and green beans instead...
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Caramelized cabbage risotto reviewed by southerncooker

29th March 2018

Hubby and I loved this one. I used chicken broth. It's worth all the stirring of the risotto.
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Miso Maple Ribs with Roasted Scallions reviewed by southerncooker

26th March 2018

My family loved these. I was afraid that since they really love bbq ribs they might not like these but they were a hit. Even my daughter who doesn't care that much for ribs loved them. I did cook mine for about a half hour longer in the foil packets since...
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