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Ottolenghi: The Cookbook

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Marinated Rack of Lamb with Coriander and Honey reviewed by kaye16

5th February 2016

Made this tonight with lamb steaks, because those were in the freezer wanting to be used. Both of us thought the sauce was way too sweet. I didn't even use all the honey because I finished a jar and didn't want to open another. Tossed the rest of it. The...
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Crumble reviewed by Queezle_Sister

26th April 2015

I prepared this crumble for a topping for the Pear and Amaretto Crumble Cake, on page 218. This is a restaurant-styled recipe, it makes a lot. I only wanted enough for the cake, and guessed at 10%. That was just the right amount. It seemed really...
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Pear and Amaretto Crumble Cake reviewed by Queezle_Sister

26th April 2015

Zosia is so correct about this cake - though it did taste good in the spring! Wonderful flavor, and I'm glad there is a bit left so I can taste more tomorrow. The crumble topping benefited from an addition of ground almonds. I prepared 10% of the crumble...
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Green Tahini Sauce reviewed by Queezle_Sister

21st October 2014

As Friederike says, somehow water added to Tahini causes it to be thicker. This was basically hummus without the chick peas. I prepared it to have with the eggplant dish, and it specified no parsley. I will revisit this easy recipe in the future to...
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