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Salmon Burgers reviewed by kaye16

14th November 2018

Instant favorite. It does seem unfortunate to blitz some perfectly lovely fresh salmon, but these are the best salmon patties ever. Didn't serve with a bun. Used panko for the bread crumbs because we didn't have any bread available. So simple and so good.
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Texas Style Chili reviewed by jenncc

16th July 2018

This is rich and complex chili with a good bit of heat. The meat became fork tender and the gravy had deep flavor with its mix of spices, beer and chocolate.
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Buckwheat Crepes reviewed by jenncc

16th July 2018

This is a great recipe - it can go savory or sweet since it does not contain much salt and the addition of white flour makes for a milder flavor than 100% buckwheat. I made savory crepes (5 large), then added about a tablespoon of sugar, and made dessert...
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Strawberry Sour Cream Streusel Cake reviewed by jenncc

11th November 2017

This was simple to make and delicious! I, like other reviewers, was a little worried about the cake as it went into the oven, but it seems to even out (and get prettier) as it bakes. My puree was a little thin/watery, and it didn't look like very much...
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