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August 7th, 2020

ChocolateZucchini Cake from The Glorious Vegetables of Italy

This cake is simple to make and uses cocoa powder which are both pluses. The resulting cake is very moist and dense, almost brownie-like in texture. I substituted Greek yogurt for half the oil But otherwise... read more >

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River Cottage Fruit Every Day!

By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - 2013

3rd May 2019 (edited: 1st July 2019)

Chunky apple and marmalade cake : page 186

I loved this cake; I did make a lot of changes, however. I made this cake to use up some leftover mincemeat and substituted that for the marmalade and the sultanas by weight. I also made a half recipe. I loved the chunks of apple in the finished cake. I found it was fully cooked in less time than stated; 25 minutes at 350 fan for my half recipe. Mine was a little on the sweet side since my mincemeat was probably sweeter than marmalade. Froze well.

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2nd May 2019

Coconut carrot and apricot cake : page 389

This is a really nice cake. I used butter instead of coconut fat; the resulting cake was tasty and moist. Will definitely make this again.

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