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December 20th, 2019

7-Veg Tomato Sauce from

I didn't like this sauce much at all. The ingredients are all things we like but for us the resulting sauce was bland. I managed to rescue it by adding lots of tomato products. In future I will just make... read more >

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River Cottage Fruit Every Day!

By Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC - 2013

3rd May 2019 (edited: 1st July 2019)

Chunky apple and marmalade cake : page 186

I loved this cake; I did make a lot of changes, however. I made this cake to use up some leftover mincemeat and substituted that for the marmalade and the sultanas by weight. I also made a half recipe. I loved the chunks of apple in the finished cake. I found it was fully cooked in less time than stated; 25 minutes at 350 fan for my half recipe. Mine was a little on the sweet side since my mincemeat was probably sweeter than marmalade. Froze well.

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2nd May 2019

Coconut carrot and apricot cake : page 389

This is a really nice cake. I used butter instead of coconut fat; the resulting cake was tasty and moist. Will definitely make this again.

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