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February 3rd, 2024

Rustic Italian loaf from Canadian living breads and pizzas

This has a very wet dough and due to this I use the bread machine on the dough cycle, stopping the cycle just before it kneads the dough down. After this it’s fairly easy (use lots of flour on work surface)... read more >

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Canada's Best Bread Machine Baking Recipes

By Donna Washburn, Heather Butt
Robert Rose - 2008

4th December 2018 (edited: 17th November 2020)

Autumn pumpkin seed bread : page 114

Rose well and bread was nicely spiced. I used one medium sized sweet potato and made the larger sized loaf. I sometimes leave out the spices for a more savoury bread.

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27th January 2018

Carrot lovers poppy seed bread : page 32

This bread has excellent taste and texture, and is a great way to eat more carrots! I did have to add quite a bit more water to the dough (probably 1/4 cup more) and omitted the orange zest. This bread slices well.

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30th June 2019

Cottage cheese dill bread : page 33

Love this bread. It's a great way to use up leftover cottage cheese. I've made it as written (olive oil for the fat), and also done adaptations. Good with any herbs such as rosemary, Greek oregano, etc. Can add other soft cheeses in small amounts to make up the full amount of cottage cheese, and I've also replaced 1/4 cup of the flour with ground flax for a bit more fibre. Usually needs a few more tablespoons of flour. A light bread that rises well and is delicious.

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15th February 2023

Country harvest bread : page 117

Excellent bread, once extra flour was added. Will reduce liquid when I make it again. Used pumpkin seeds and poppy for the seeds, and omitted skim milk powder.

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15th February 2023

Hamburger and hotdog buns : page 87

I usually make hamburger buns using this recipe. The buttermilk powder can be omitted, and they will still turn out well. I like the addition of whole wheat flour in these, and they are always more popular than any store bought options. They’re delicious!

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23rd September 2023

Pilgrims multigrain bread : page 124

A nice bread that incorporates oats, bran, and wheat germ. Can sub part sifted red fife for part on the all purpose.

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23rd September 2023

Roasted garlic bread : page 22

Very nice garlic loaf that uses pre roasted garlic. I used about half whole grain flour.

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26th January 2018

Sourdough cornmeal bread : page 66

Excellent bread that uses one cup of sourdough starter. I added a bit more water to the recipe since my starter was a bit thicker than usual.

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9th June 2021

Whole wheat flax bread : page 129

This makes a very nice bread, but I do make several changes. I use ground flax for at least half the flax seed called for, and I use half white and half whole wheat flour. I also increase the yeast by 1/2 teaspoon to 1.5 teaspoons for the 1.5 lb loaf. This results in a grainy loaf, very good with soups etc.

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