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February 3rd, 2024

Rustic Italian loaf from Canadian living breads and pizzas

This has a very wet dough and due to this I use the bread machine on the dough cycle, stopping the cycle just before it kneads the dough down. After this it’s fairly easy (use lots of flour on work surface)... read more >

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The Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving: Over 300 Recipes to Use Year-Round

By Ellie Topp, Margaret Howard
Firefly Books - 2007

1st December 2022

Fresh fig and strawberry jam : page 27

This makes a really good jam! I love both figs and strawberries and the jam is a great combination. I've also made it with raspberries in place of strawberries.

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1st December 2022

Gingered rhubarb jam with honey : page 21

I really love this jam since it combines ginger and rhubarb, two of my favourite flavours. I do cut the sugar and honey a bit, and I store it in the fridge. It doesn't last long.

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1st December 2022

Pear raspberry jam : page 23

Very good jam. I chopped the pears into small dice for this and used raspberries from the garden. I also reduced the sugar slightly. Made 7-8 small jars.

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