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September 12th, 2019

Lemon-Roasted Potatoes with Bay Leaves from Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate

Excellent, although I do wonder about the serving size. Two pounds is about 900g, which Wells thinks will serve 8. Those would be very dainty servings. I usually count 400-500g to serve two, and did tonight.... read more >

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At Home with Madhur Jaffrey: Simple, Delectable Dishes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

By Madhur Jaffrey
Knopf - 2010

9th August 2016

A Two-Egg Masala Omelette : page 75

An omelette with Indian flavors (black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, shallots, tomatoes, cayenne, and cilantro). Can hardly go wrong.

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21st August 2014

Baked Chicken Curry : page 88

Very tasty dinner, and easy. I made a halfish recipe with four chicken thighs instead of mixed parts of a chicken. Rounded upwards on all spices.

The recipe calls for the chicken to be cooked at 400F for 30 minutes on one side and 40 minutes on the other side. These times seem more like timings for a spatchcocked chicken. My thighs with about 25 min on the first side and 20 min on the second side and they were perfect. (I didn't do the basting bit and the thighs were delicious.)

This is really delicious for very little work.

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13th November 2014 (edited: 7th October 2017)

Bangladeshi Fish Curry : page 58

Pretty good; easy.

I made a half recipe with lieu noir (saithe in English?).
- Used curry leaves from the freezer having no access to kaffir lime leaves.
- Used all the spices (slightly light on cayenne).
- Used mustard oil.
- Since I was worried about evaporation if I added only half the water, I added about 2/3 cup instead of 1 cup. Mistake. The sauce was a bit too soupy

Tasted good.

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13th November 2014

Bangladeshi Red Lentils : page 195

A very tasty dal, and easy to make.

I made a half recipe, but used all of turmeric.

I served this as a side dish, but it would easily make a vegetarian main, with a whole recipe serving 2 or 3.

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1st August 2015

Basmati Rice with Lentils : page 212

This could be served as a side or as a veggie main.
Very tasty. Easy but lots of wall clock time for soaking lentils and rice.

The amount of rice seemed excessive to me. I used only 1 cup (rather than 2) and the balance of lentils and rice seemed fine. Four of us finished it all off, but it could have served more if we weren't so piggy.

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1st February 2016

Carrots with Cilantro : page 149

Very easy and tasty. I made a half recipe for two. That was a good amount.

But ... the cooking time for the carrots is way off. Cut in 1/3"-thick rounds, they're just not going to get done in 3-4min. I didn't really time them, but they were well over 10min, I'm sure.

Anyhow, this is easy and tasty. Just allow extra time for them to get done.

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4th January 2018

Cauliflower Cachumbar : page 240

I made this with grated broccoli stems (needing to use up a collection), rather than cauliflower. It was a very nice accompaniment to an Indian meal. Next time I'll grate my broc on the box grater rather than on the big microplane so that the veg has more texture.

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9th August 2016

Cucumber Salad, North Indian Style : page 236

Easy to make, a nice salad, a bit different from your usually cucumber salad, with a "dressing" of S&P, lemon juice, cayenne, and chopped mint.

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3rd October 2017 (edited: 3rd October 2017)

Delhi-Style Bhuna Lamb : page 120

Delicious and easy.
I made a whole recipe with 748g lamb shoulder, slightly short. Two of us, being only a big piggy, ate all of this. The 4-6 servings indicated would be only as part of a bigger meal.

Served with Rice and Peas with Garam Masala and Karhai Broccoli, both old favorites.

I except the long cooking part of this could be done in a pressure cook to save a bit of time. But sometimes the long unattended cooking time is appreciated by the cook.

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Really good, really easy. I used swordfish, but it could be any thickish piece of fish.

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1st August 2015 (edited: 4th August 2015)

Grilled Masala Salmon : page 46

This was a hit. Very easy to prepare and very yummy. The first is first "marinated" with some dry spices, then topped with a mixture including dijon mustard to be broiled. (Dijon mustard is cheating, but works great.) I only broiled rather than broiling then baking, since I have gas broiler and ovens and didn't want to heat an oven.

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1st February 2016

Hot, Salty, and Sweet Pork Chops : page 134

Very good and easy.

- I made a half recipe (2 pork chops) but used all the spices for the marinate. Was a bit more than needed, but didn't hurt. Marinated in fridge over night; chops started frozen.

- Finished with all the ingredients for the sauce, which worked well, but took a little longer to boil the sauce down to syrupy.

We liked this a lot.

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26th June 2013

Karhai Broccoli : page 148

A good variation on steam/sautéed broccoli. Could be served with any meal. Easy.

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7th December 2017

Masala Fish Steaks : page 48

Disappointing, this one. In a book full of really good recipes, this one was uninteresting.
Used lieu noir filets, rather than steaks.

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18th January 2013 (edited: 13th November 2014)

Pan-Grilled Zucchini : page 173

A very nice and easy side of zucchini.

Jaffrey asks small zukes to be cut lengthwise. Bigger ones (like we get in Europe) could be cut in thick slices.

She has you sauté them in a skillet. I broiled them (since I was also broiling fish), but they could also be grilled. I don't think this matters too much as long as they get past the raw stage. Some nice reddish brown or grill marks won't hurt.

The cooked zuke bits are sprinkled with lemon juice, salt, black pepper, ground roasted cumin, and cayenne, making a very nice side very quickly.

13nov14: I sprayed the zuke spears with olive oil before broiling. Worked a treat.

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7th October 2017 (edited: 7th October 2017)

Pork (or Lamb) with Lentils : page 135

Made with pork. Easy to make. Very tasty.
- I made the whole recipe; we'll have three good servings from it. Could be stretched to four probably, as indicated.
- Would be good for company since the last cooking is essentially without attention and it can wait to be served

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26th June 2013

Potatoes with Cumin and Mustard Seeds : page 164

A very good way to do potatoes as a side; doesn't need to be an Indian meal.
If you have cold boiled potatoes in the fridge, you're ahead of the game here and can have this dish on the table within ten minutes.

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4th December 2014 (edited: 4th December 2014)

Rice Pilaf with Almonds and Raisins : page 209

I made 1/3 of a recipe that is advertised to serve 4-6 and it was more than enough. But tasty. And quite easy to make as these things go.

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18th January 2013

Roasted Almonds with Black Pepper : page 8

Second difference of opinion. My husband likes these a lot, and I think they're so-so.

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7th October 2017

Salaad : page 235

A very good little salad to accompany an Indian meal. I made with lemon juice because that was handy, but lime would have been nice too.

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4th December 2014 (edited: 4th December 2014)

Salmon in a Tomato-Cream Sauce : page 56

Scrumptious, was DH's verdict. It really was delicious.

I made a halfish recipe, but with all of the spices, except for salt and cumin (which we regretfully suspect of being the cause some sleeplessness :-( ).

Very easy to prepare, and it would be a good company dinner, since the fish can be "marinated" (if salt, pepper, turmeric, and cayenne constitute a marinade) for an hour or more and the sauce assembled ahead of time. The final cooking is very easy.

Served with Swiss Chard with Ginger and Garlic and Rice Pilaf with Almonds and Raisins as recommended.

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18th January 2013 (edited: 25th May 2013)

Seasoned Radishes : page 6

Snack food! Difference of opinion in the house. I think these are fantastic. The cayenne nicely complements the zing of the radishes. Spicy and sour, ideal snack food to me. OTOH, my husband who usually likes radish things, didn't like them at all.

Mine sat for well over 12 hours before they got munched up.

I might cut the salt back to 1/4tsp next time.

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5th April 2015

Shrimp Biryani : page 214

This is the same recipe published on Serious Eats as Madhur Jaffrey's Shrimp Biryani.

As dinner for two, I used half the rice with all the spices. I had a package of shrimp frozen with small scallops, so used all of that.

Very good, a tasty and moist biryani.

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1st August 2015

South Indian-Style Green Beans : page 147

A very nice side and easy dish. The hardest part is trimming and cutting up the green beans (haricots verts).
Prepping and boiling the beans and measuring two small groups of spices could be done ahead, with the finish done at the last minute.
(Don't forget the salt. It's included in the menu text, rather than the ingredient list.)

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7th October 2017

Spiced Roasted Cashews : page 7

Easy easy easy and oh-so-more-ish.

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25th May 2013

Sweet-and-Sour Eggplant : page 153

Quite an unusual way to cook eggplant (to me anyhow); could be a main dish in a vegetarian meal, a whole recipe serving 2 then.

I made a half recipe as a side with a single eggplant making the proper weight, so had to cut this in half at after cooking. The eggplant(s) are first soaked for 30 minutes, then stuff with a spice paste, fried, then cooked with a bit of water for 25 minutes. This time might be shortened a bit, since our eggplant seemed a bit soft at the end.

A syrup of lemon juice, sugar, and water is added at the end and boiled down to a thick sauce to make the sweet-and-sour taste. Neither of us especially noticed this taste, but liked the eggplant as a whole.

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4th December 2014

Swiss Chard with Ginger and Garlic : page 150

The chard at the shops this week looked pretty sad, so I used spinach instead, the kind with huge leaves, the size of a salad plate or even bigger.

Made a half recipe. More than filled my 10" skillet, but cooked down to a spoonful for each of us. It was good though. Really simple to prepare.

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7th October 2017

Vermicelli Kheer : page 274

I made a half recipe with 2% milk, rather than whole milk. Pretty tasty, but after more than 10 minutes of cooking, thick was not a word I'd just to describe it.
Added almonds, no raisins or saffron.

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"Whole Chicken Baked with an Almond and Onion Sauce" -- that's the full title of this recipe. It gets a 5 (or more!) for taste and ease, but only a 4 or so for the instructions. E.g.:
- Your time is better organized if you let the chickie have its 15min sit with the lemon-salt rub while you prepare the marinade (rather than making the marinade, then rubbing and waiting).
- My chick was so done in the time specified that it fell in half when I lifted it from the pan. I suspect that the cooking time could be reduced by 10 minutes or so.

Nevertheless, it was scrumptious.

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25th May 2013

Yellow Basmati Rice with Sesame Seeds : page 208

An easy, tasty rice dish. The sesame seeds were an interesting addition, not typical of Indian rice dishes in my experience.
Relatively easy to make with only two groups of spice additions. :-)
Makes a huge quantity. I made a half recipe, should serve 2-3. We'll get four generous servings from it.

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21st August 2014

Yogurt Custard : page 276

About as simple as a recipe can get. Equal amounts of sweetened condensed milk and whole-milk yogurt stirred together, then baked in a bain-marie till done. The sweet and tart combination worked really well.

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