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Book of Middle Eastern Food

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Eggplant or Zucchini with Tomatoes reviewed by kaye16

23rd July 2018

I've made this both with eggplant and with zucchini. The instructions are a bit wobbly and it seems like you should be using both. I suppose that would work, but I think I might prefer the one-or-the-other approach. It's simple, but very tasty. And easy.
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Shish Kebab (Grilled Meat on Skewers), Marinade I reviewed by kaye16

23rd July 2018

Really nice grilled meat. I made a halfish recipe using lamb. Did not used the sieved pulp of tomatoes. Very tasty. Buzzed all the marinade ingredients with my staff mixer.
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Kousa Bi Gebna (Zucchini with Cheese) reviewed by kaye16

22nd July 2018

This is meant as a side dish, but I served a whole recipe as a main vegetarian dish. As a main, it would serve four (the two of us will have two dinner); as a side, it would serve 6-8. I used gruyère for the cheese. Although it's very simple, it was...
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Tourneto (Israeli Cucumber and Bread Salad) reviewed by kaye16

17th July 2018

I liked this; DH not so much. Still I'm never sure what to do with soggy salads like this; it's really more like a soup.
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