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Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant: Ethnic and Regional Recipes from the Cooks at the Legendary Restaurant (Cookery)

Recent Reviews

Mushroom Piroshke reviewed by resahebler1

5th November 2013

Not very good.
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Cheese and Pepper Enchiladas reviewed by resahebler1

5th November 2013

These are really yummy.
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Indonesian egg curry (Sambal goreng telor) reviewed by wester

23rd September 2013

Very tasty, but it needs two things not in the recipe: the juice of half a lime to improve the acid balance, and a pinch of turmeric to correct the unappetizing beige color. The six people this recipe should feed would be as one of many dishes - with...
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Flounder rolls with tomatoes, almonds, and cilantro reviewed by wester

2nd October 2011

As lovely as the ingredients suggest, but not much more. I thought the dried tomatoes were a bit overpowering, I would have liked to taste more of the almonds instead.
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