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Bourbon Pecan Pie reviewed by kateq

24th March 2021

After years of using a Dory Greenspan recipe, this year I went with this one from the late Julia Reed. Not only is it much easier and much quicker, it's much better! It's not just the bourbon.
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Roasted-Vegetable Stock reviewed by kateq

24th March 2021

This results in a rich and delicious stock, even though I had to take certain liberties--no jerusalem artichokes or celery root.
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Eggplant Salad With Peppers, Mint and Caper-Feta Vinaigrette reviewed by kateq

9th August 2020

I found this to be more of a salsa than a salad, but enjoyed it with a grilled chicken breast, and then as a topping for bruschetta.
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Supreme de Volaille Fermière a la Creme reviewed by kateq

28th July 2020

Made with skinless boneless breast and homemade chicken stock. Loved it but would make the sauce a little thinner next time and a little zestier (shallots? tarragon?). Since I wasn't doing the whole de-boning thing, it was remarkably quick and easy.
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