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Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven: Over 200 Recipes for Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites, Side Dishes, and Too Many Desserts

Recent Reviews

Golden Rice Pie with Spinach Filling reviewed by kateq

6th January 2016

I confess--sorry, Mollie, but I cooked the rice in chicken broth and added shredded chicken to the filling. I also halved the recipe and still had more than enough for 4 servings.
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Chickpea Soup with Golden Spices reviewed by Queezle_Sister

14th February 2015

An easy and delicious soup, perfect for a cool winter day. I prepared chickpeas in my pressure cooker (always better than canned), and it took about another hour to sautée onions, garlic, carrots, etc. The soup is spiced with cumin, mustard, cayenne,...
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Pumpkin Mousse reviewed by awindyday

30th August 2014

Easy to make, light and refreshing and good for you. I brought this to Thanksgiving dinner once instead of a pie, and it got rave review.
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Tart Tart reviewed by awindyday

30th August 2014

Awesome Grapefruit dessert! That is all.
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