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Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

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Oat Bread reviewed by jenncc

8th June 2020

This makes a delicious, slightly sweet sandwich loaf. My dough was quite stiff/ not tacky at all using the wheat bran and just 2 cups of flour so I added a bit of water. Next time I may use all oat bran or hold back/start with 1 1/2 cups flour. I will...
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Cauliflower Gratin with Tomatoes and Feta reviewed by kaye16

11th May 2020

This was very nice; served over brown rice. The (whole) recipe calls for a large cauliflower of about 1-1/2 pounds. Now I had what I would call a medium-large cauli that was had been used for one dinner but still weight in over 3#. I took off about 1#...
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Stovetop Rice Pudding reviewed by jenncc

16th May 2019

This is a very simple, comforting rice pudding. I did add another cinnamon stick and a few cloves. !/3 cup sugar was prefect for my tastes. I turned the pudding off at about 23 minutes into the final 30- any longer and my rice would have broken down...
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Pear-Almond Upside-Down Cake reviewed by kaye16

12th March 2014

Tasty cake. Very more-ish. - I first ground the almonds, then did all the mixing in my food processor. Worked fine. - The butter in the list of cake ingredients is duplicated. - Think my cast iron skillet is 9" rather than 10"; no problem with this. -...
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